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New product – Better4U! Gluten Free Pizza

Being gluten free for the pass year and half hasn’t been as hard as I thought it would be. I eat well and healthier but there are foods I miss. Pizza is one of them.

In Palm Beach County, there are only a few options for gluten-free pizza none of which are within 20 miles, (and being celiac, I don’t count the big D as one of them!) so if I want pizza I have to either make it myself or buy frozen. So far I have not been impressed with the frozen pizzas. They aren’t bad just ok, I think what happens is their crust fall flat! They are plain flavored and very crusty cardboard like. I tend to want to eat just the toppings.

I recently had an opportunity to try a new gluten free pizza made by Better4U! Foods. I have to say I found it very good and I think what set it apart from the other gluten free frozen pizza on the market is the multi-grain crust.

The multi-grain crust is a mixture pf white rice, brown rice, potato, buckwheat flour, and flax seeds. It gives it a nice flavor. Even the gluten eaters in my house liked it but lol said it tasted “healthy” (Important Note – the gluten eaters dont really eat healthy anyways so it wouldnt hurt them to eat better).

It really reminded me of frozen pizza that I ate quite frequently in my pre-gluten free life by kashi. Must be all the grains!

I sampled both the roasted vegetable and cheese. The vegetable was definitely my favorite but my picky toddler liked the cheese. I guess even on pizza you can’t convince the kids to eat their veggies.

The roasted vegetable was generous on toppings and had some premium veggies such as artichokes and eggplant. I also felt the pizza was pretty diet friendly at 200 calories per a quarter of pizza.

Locally, the pizza is available at The Healthy Way, 9704 Clint Moore Road, Boca Raton 33496. We hope that it arrives in Publix or Whole Foods soon too!

Disclosure: Better4U! Foods provided me the above mentioned product free if charge in order to give an accurate review of their product. All opinions are my own.



Take me out to the Ballgame

I  recently made the trek to the new Marlins Stadium to see the Phillies play the Marlins. As I was passing Sunlife Stadium, I was thinking this better be worth it! The drive was a little extra but the AIR CONDITIONING was so worth the extra time and miles it took to get there! To not sweat it out in the oppressive heat of summer!

The second thing that made it worth it is that Marlins Stadium is one of 30 ballparks across the country that have a gluten-free stand! (For a complete list see our friends over at Gluten Free Philly’s post on all of them)

While I have to say that the hot dog with a bun! (I havent had a bun in a long time) wasn’t the best thing I had ever ate – it certainly was way better than what I ate last year, an arepa (corn, corn flour with melted cheese patty for our fans that arent familiar with South American cuisine) that I had to settle for after much searching at sunlife stadium. Later in the 7th inning we went back downstairs and got a chocolate cookies (they also offering muffins too) the cookie had chia seeds and I felt like that it was a little too healthy, but it was good too.

Some other options they had and I think I might try next time is the Loaded Nachos – I noticed they were making them with Tostitos® Tortilla Chips that were labeled gluten-free. They were also making club sandwiches fresh. The entire stand is gluten-free so no worries about cross contamination.

Gluten free Mac and cheese

Just read on twitter that darbster’s is going to have gluten free and soy free Mac and cheese – starting next week! Can’t wait to try it.

Peeps are gluten free!

I don’t really celebrate Easter but I LOVE Easter candy. My favorites are peeps and I love it when the package has been open and they are a little stale. Well I picked up a package at the store and right on the back says GLUTEN FREE! Yum! Still working on finding out if my other favorite candy -cadbury eggs are gluten free. I’ll report back. But if I had to guess I am going to say no. Happy Easter!


Newbie in a gluten-free world

I am going to try out going gluten-free. At first I thought this was going to be an easy journey. Just don’t eat bread, cake, and cookies! Right? how hard can that be? Wow! who knew all these products that have hidden gluten in them. I think at home will be very easy to do. Eating out is going to be the challenge.

I live in the West Palm Beach area. So far, chain restaurants seem to have information published if they are gluten free. But what options are out there for me? I have found that this change in lifestyle (I dare not say diet, bc I dont feel it is a diet, it is a lifestyle change) is heavy in the research department. So I started this blog to document all the great information I find along the way. I am by no means an expert. I am a complete newbie, but I hope as time goes along, I can become knowledgeable and help other West Palm Beachers to become gluten-free too!

Please leave me feedback – let me know what you have found gluten-free in West Palm Beach!Feel free to contact me with product/restaurant suggestions to review at