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Gluten-Free Lunch at Darbster’s

On a Saturday afternoon, I was in downtown WPB – enjoy free yoga at city library, and free admission to the norton museum. I was getting hungry and have been wanting to check out Darbster  for lunch.

“Darbster is a unique vegetarian bistro with a creative menu that will appeal to both the vegetarian and mainstream dinner. Our goal is provide delicious, natural, organic and vegetarian friendly cuisine that will appeal to all tastes.”

Their specials change and it always seemed like they have a few gluten-free options on their menu.  The waiter was very helpful and checked with the chef to find out which ones were gluten-free.  I decided to try the Raw Heirloom Tomato & Zucchini Lasagna it was served with a yummy salad – it was cool, crisp, delicious and full of flavor! and all gluten-free! perfect for a warm june afternoon.  I normally don’t have room for dessert but with 4 delicious gluten-free choices that normally aren’t available to me I thought why not! I decided to go with the mango cheesecake! It was delicious and easily can be split with a friend. It had a delicious raspberry glazed that complemented it well.

I will definitely be back again. Make sure to like Darbster on facebook  I am a fan – LOL they taunt me daily with their specials! Here is a recent menu with their specials – NYC Vodka Pizza sounds great and count them 5 gfree desserts!!! I only wished I lived closer so I could visit more often. Maybe they need to open a 2nd location in Wellington.

They are also open for Dinner and Sunday Brunch. Thurs and Sunday Nights Kids eat free – and if you bring your dog 5-7 on Sunday bring you get 20 percent off your entree! good deals!


Lunch at the Raw Kitchen

A couple of weeks ago I went to lunch at  The Raw Kitchen in Downtown West Palm Beach.
After a busy morning at Leaping Lizards indoors playground chasing my daughter,
I was very hungry and looking for a healthy option for lunch.
I walked about a block down clematis street just on the other side of the train tracks and found it on the right.
It wasnt the clearest of marked places – but the minute I walked in you could tell you were in the right place.

I was super excited to go to The Raw Kitchen knowing that the whole restaurant is gluten-free and I could order anything on the menu took a lot of the the normal stress I have going out to eat.  I admit I am not totally up to speed on the raw food movement – but I love to eat salads so I figured it would be good fit for me.

I decided to go with the half of pizza  half of salad for $10.00. I chose Gigi’s Fave: Spinach Pizza sprouted buckwheat crust, house made nut cheese, fresh garlic, spinach and sliced mushrooms. It was so delicious and full of flavor. The mushrooms gave it a meaty feel – without the meat. the salad was simple with a yummy fresh ginger dress. I especially loved the nut cheese – it made a great substitution for red sauce. The “crust” of the pizza was delicious – I normally dont even eat the crust on pizza but i ate it all up. I was so full I didnt have room for dessert – maybe next time. One of my friends recommended the zucchini noodles. So I think next time I will order those.

You can check out their menu here

And become a fan on facebook here

Gluten free Mac and cheese

Just read on twitter that darbster’s is going to have gluten free and soy free Mac and cheese – starting next week! Can’t wait to try it.

Newbie in a gluten-free world

I am going to try out going gluten-free. At first I thought this was going to be an easy journey. Just don’t eat bread, cake, and cookies! Right? how hard can that be? Wow! who knew all these products that have hidden gluten in them. I think at home will be very easy to do. Eating out is going to be the challenge.

I live in the West Palm Beach area. So far, chain restaurants seem to have information published if they are gluten free. But what options are out there for me? I have found that this change in lifestyle (I dare not say diet, bc I dont feel it is a diet, it is a lifestyle change) is heavy in the research department. So I started this blog to document all the great information I find along the way. I am by no means an expert. I am a complete newbie, but I hope as time goes along, I can become knowledgeable and help other West Palm Beachers to become gluten-free too!

Please leave me feedback – let me know what you have found gluten-free in West Palm Beach!Feel free to contact me with product/restaurant suggestions to review at