I am going to try out going gluten-free. At first I thought this was going to be an easy journey. Just don’t eat bread, cake, and cookies! Right? how hard can that be? Wow! who knew all these products that have hidden gluten in them. I think at home will be very easy to do. Eating out is going to be the challenge.

I live in the West Palm Beach area. So far, chain restaurants seem to have information published if they are gluten free. But what options are out there for me? I have found that this change in lifestyle (I dare not say diet, bc I dont feel it is a diet, it is a lifestyle change) is heavy in the research department. So I started this blog to document all the great information I find along the way. I am by no means an expert. I am a complete newbie, but I hope as time goes along, I can become knowledgeable and help other West Palm Beachers to become gluten-free too!

Please leave me feedback  – let me know what you have found gluten-free in West Palm Beach! Feel free to contact me with product/restaurant suggestions to review at gfreewpb@gmail.com

Update 6-27-11

Still a Gluten-Free newbie, and now a positive Celiac diagnosis. This is definitely a game changer for me – and will be also exploring the world of being newly diagnosed Celiac. Cross-Contamination Issues, Sharing a kitchen with my glutenous husband and kid, Biopsies, Blood Test, Antibodies and more.

Update 7-12-12

Feeling more confident in my gluten-free choices and proud that in over a year I have lost almost 30 lbs. I feel great and feel healthy. I recently had a successful pregnancy and gave birth to a beautiful boy. It certainly wasn’t an easy pregnancy, almost taking gluten prenatal vitamins (always check!), eating gluten-free through morning sickness,  And getting glutenened while eating out causing me a couple trips to labor and delivery for observation and monitoring! Packing my own food to take the hospital on my delivery because I didnt trust them to keep me gluten-free! I ended my pregnancy weighing less than when I went into it (I gained only 7 lbs.)

I have now pretty much converted my kitchen to a gluten-free kitchen, my glutenous husband and toddler (baby is still gluten-free) have a box of cereal and one loaf of bread. They occasionally will have a package of crackers, flour tortillas or pretzels but there is a small shelf they are stored on and they are only eaten and prepared in certain places. If I cook it (and I do all the cooking) it is going to be gluten-free.

After getting glutened  2x in one week from eating out and the 2nd time ending up in the hospital (labor and delivery) because of dehydration and fever to be observed overnight, I have been eating out less, It took me over a month to gain the courage to eat out again. And I find myself being cautious on where I pick to eat. Unfortunately, safe kitchen practices aren’t used and my sensitivity has increased in the past year and half.

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