Gluten Free in Cape May

No we haven’t change our name our location! We are still Gluten Free West Palm Beach but I wanted to share two weekends I spent over the summer in Cape May, NJ and there very positive gluten-free experience I had there. When we first planned to stay with family up in Cape May. I didn’t have hopes that this little seaside town would have much for dining choices someone that is gluten-free. I was pleasantly surprised. Every morning I walked down to the Cape May Bakery and had gluten-free muffins (the carrot raisin was delicious!). They are not a exclusive gluten-free bakery but I didnt have any issues of cross contamination  We also enjoyed dirty chai lattes from Higher Grounds Coffee Shop made with Almond Milk.

We had a full kitchen where we stayed so a lot of times we ate lunch there but we did have lunch out one afternoon at the Mad Batter! Best lunch ever! It has been along time since I have had a sandwich for lunch let alone one that I ate every bite including the crust (I never eat the crust or even eat all my bread usually) and their fries were friend separately! and the wait staff was knowledgeable too. I inquired where the bread came from it was that good! and they have it delivered every morning. It was great.

My favorite place for dinner was Lucky Bones. They have a HUGE gluten-free menu (PDF)  full of choices! My favorite is the gluten-free crab cakes! They are so good I had them twice in one weekend! They were really busy (every restaurant in Cape May seems to be on a wait in season) so one night I ordered take-out and was very impressed that my food and kitchen ticket was labelled gluten-free. It seemed like they were taking great care to ensure my food arrive truly gluten-free to me.

I thought for sure I had gained 10 lbs with all the treats I was eating – luckily we did a lot of walking around Cape May. So it kept the vacation gain at bay.

Here are some photos from my trip.

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  1. Carmin’s on the NE corner of PGA and Prosperity Farms makes three gluten free pizza’s. They are about $20 buck each and only available in medium. I have had two and they are not bad at all.


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