Monthly Archives: April 2012

Happy Gluten-versary

Sunday will be my one year Gluten-versary. A lot of people are surprised I know when it is but when you make a commitment and life-style change as major as going gluten-free you arent going to forget. In the one year span, I have learned a lot – and now friends come to me for advice and guidance on starting a gluten-free diet.  Even the friends that arent gluten-free get excited when they see something and can’t wait to tell me.  In my one year since going gluten-free I have lost 27 lbs, I feel better, have more energy, my skin is clearer and my nails are stronger. My Vitamin D deficiency and digestive issues have corrected themselves.

I have occasionally gotten “glutened” and the longer I have been off the worse the symptoms are. It takes me about two-three days to recover from an episode. It always happens when I go out to eat and depending how bad it is – I usually avoid the restaurant after that. Maybe might give them another chance or figure out if I ordered something wrong.

For the most part though I eat in and prepare my own food – I have found I have more control that way. My house is now 97% gluten-free (my husband has a box of cereal and a box of pasta occasionally there will be a box of crackers or a loaf of bread for him and my daughter) and it has clearly designated area of where it is stored and prepared.  I should have documented the progression of my pantry. I started out with one shelf of gluten-free products and now there is only a quarter of a shelf of GLUTEN products (where the bread, cereal, crackers are stored). Gluten-free has truly taken over.

I am always on the hunt for new products and new places to eat – and it doesnt seem to be any lack of new stuff coming on the market. I had a great time at the South Florida Gluten Free Expo in February and cant wait to for it to come back next year – I ate more food than I have in a long time and a lot of it was good – there were a lot of hits but some misses too! But I loved all the products I got to take home and try.

I’ll try to keep an update on what is coming to the area.  Let me know if you find something too!