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Too Jay’s Gluten-Free offering

I have scoured the web to try and find gluten-free options/menu for a regional deli we have in South Florida called Too Jay’s but always came up empty handed. Before being diagnosed with Celiac, it was one of my favorite restaurant, I knew I would never be able to enjoy my favorite sandwich – Chicken Ala Toojay but when I come in with my family. I wanted to know my gluten-free options. On a recent visit to with my family, my father-in-law loves their blintzes with cherries. I asked the hostess if they had a gluten-free menu. (Since I had been previously unsuccessful finding one online). This is rare for me to go to a restaurant without a plan, I usually go already knowing what I am going to eat but I figured I would wing it and if nothing else get a salad. They had a list behind the deli counter, the server was even nice enough to run off a copy for me to keep.

I was surprised by some of the offerings including Plain Macaroons! Love it when I can get a sweet treat! I will definitely be back for more. I decided to order the Citrus Chicken Platter that including my choice of soup or salad. It was a delicious grilled chicken breast – citrus marinated with a cucumber tomato garnish on top with fresh fruit and seasonal steamed veggies as a side. It was very filling and definitely better than just eating a salad. Here is a complete listing of gluten-free items. The only thing I wish for next time is a listing of gluten-free salad dressings.

Too Jay’s Gluten-Free Menu

NO Montreal Steak Seasoning,
NO Mashed Potatoes
NO Rice
NO Gravy
NO Bread/Bagels/Crackers

Soups – (I was surprised by how many of their soups are gluten-free)
Beef Vegetable Soup – NO crackers
Chicken Soup – w/out noodles
Beef Cabbage Soup – NO crackers
Split Pea Soup – NO Crackers
Onion Soup – No Croutons

Ceasear Salad – no croutons – ask for plain grilled chicken breast
Dill Chicken Salad – no bread
Fresh Fruit Salad
Tuna Nicoise Salad
Tuna Salad appetizer/platter
Smoked Whitefish Salad, no bread
Mandarin Chicken Salad

Sirloin Steak – NO Seasoning
London Broil – NO Potatoes  gravy
Grilled Plain Chicken Breast
Baked Tilapaia Platter
Citrus Chicken Platter
Fresh Salmon Fillet
Broiled Tilapia Fillet NO rice
Nova Samon, no bagel

All plain egg dishes, NO Bread
Nova, Egg & Onion, NO Bread
Steak & Eggs, NO Potato, bread or seasonings

Fresh Vegetables, No Seasonings, Steamed only

Plain Macaroons

#GlutenFree Cooking Class at Whole Foods

I had another great evening at the Whole Foods in Wellington. Once a month – they put on a very nice Gluten-Free cooking class. This month it was cherry themed for summer. Chef Joe always hooks you up with lots of food – We enjoyed Scallops with a Cherry Tarragon Sauce, Lentils and Cherry Salad, and Kielbasa with a Cherry BBQ Sauce. All Gluten Free and All yummy!

It was also nice to meet other gluten-free friends like myself and talk to them. I enjoyed meeting Sue – Check out her blog.
She blogs Gluten Free and Sugar Free!

Still haven’t found Gluten-Free Rice Krispies.  If anyone see them in West Palm Beach area let me know! I really want to try them. Right now I eat Koala Crisps – which I like they are kind of like chocolate rice krispies!