Last week – Celiac Diagnosis

Sorry I was MIA. It was a very strange week full of strange news.
On a happy note it was my birthday.  I made a gluten-free betty crocker devil foods cake with whipped chocolate frosting it was super yummy.
I will write a separate post about some new gluten-free food products that I am loving.

A few days later, I received the news that my blood test came back for Celiac.
I have a follow up appointment this week with my doctor and have been reading the well written book
First Year Celiac Disease by Jules E. Dowler Shepard. I follow her blog and  twitter.  I think she is awesome and very inspirational. When I read her story in the beginning of the book. I was crying. It was me all the way (except I am a couple years older) but after years of wondering what is wrong with me. I am glad to have answers coming to me and hopes that I will be feeling better soon.

One of the personal stories in the book – made me feel better it was very positive and to paraphrase it said – there are cancer patients, diabetics and many others who wish they could treat their illness but just changing what they eat instead of pills and chemo. Very true.

I have been feeling better for almost 2 months since going gluten-free I knew that I was definitely going to adhere to a gluten free diet I was just surprised by the Celiac diagnosis I had previously tested negative in 2004. No one has retested me since.  That angers me because I could have been on the road to better years ago if they had thought to revisit my IBS diagnosis. I am also suffering from complications of being undiagnosed such as Autoimmune Hypothyroid. I try not to dwell but what if they had treated me in 2004. Would I now have thyroid damage?

I think my main issue right now is I have tremendous anxiety when I eat out now. I didnt worry about it before bc I was just gluten free but didnt know I was Celiac. Now I feel crippled with fears of cross contamination. Does anyone have any advice on this?



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