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#GlutenFree Products I like

I mostly eat a lot of veggies, fruits and meats since newly starting my gluten-free diet. I have about 30 lbs that I would be happy to lose that a non-functional thyroid and pregnancy has put on me.  So I really try to limit my intake on yummy treats. But when I am craving some sweetness I have found the items below quite yummy.

I am definitely new to gluten-free baking. I have tried to make banana bread with not so great results. I have made some black bean brownies and those were ok too.  When my birthday came up last week – and so far no gluten free bakeries that I have found in WPB – I didnt want to chance my cake on another baking disaster. I made a devil foods cake using Betty Crocker Mix. It was pretty good – even glutenous husband liked it.  I have also recently made the Betty Crocker chocolate chip cookies too and they went over well.

One of the worse things to do is going to the store hungry and on a recent trip – hunger took over and these ended up in my basket.  I stumble upon these yummy gluten free oatmeal cookies in the cookie aisle at publix – the oats they use are certified gluten free – they were really moist and chewy (I hate dry cookies) and they were quite good too! there arent that many to a box though and I caught glutenous husband and kid eating them! They have their own stuff! dont eat mine! they are also only 55 calories per a cookie!! yum!
Unfortunately, becuase they were so good and the gluten-eaters ate them too- they didnt make it long in my house and i am out!

Also while shopping at my local publix, I was super excited to see new shelf labeling of products that are gluten-free. Definitely helpful but I still always check the box! But now I look for blue dots with GF on them!
Anything to make shopping with a toddler usually in tow easier.

Last week – Celiac Diagnosis

Sorry I was MIA. It was a very strange week full of strange news.
On a happy note it was my birthday.  I made a gluten-free betty crocker devil foods cake with whipped chocolate frosting it was super yummy.
I will write a separate post about some new gluten-free food products that I am loving.

A few days later, I received the news that my blood test came back for Celiac.
I have a follow up appointment this week with my doctor and have been reading the well written book
First Year Celiac Disease by Jules E. Dowler Shepard. I follow her blog and  twitter.  I think she is awesome and very inspirational. When I read her story in the beginning of the book. I was crying. It was me all the way (except I am a couple years older) but after years of wondering what is wrong with me. I am glad to have answers coming to me and hopes that I will be feeling better soon.

One of the personal stories in the book – made me feel better it was very positive and to paraphrase it said – there are cancer patients, diabetics and many others who wish they could treat their illness but just changing what they eat instead of pills and chemo. Very true.

I have been feeling better for almost 2 months since going gluten-free I knew that I was definitely going to adhere to a gluten free diet I was just surprised by the Celiac diagnosis I had previously tested negative in 2004. No one has retested me since.  That angers me because I could have been on the road to better years ago if they had thought to revisit my IBS diagnosis. I am also suffering from complications of being undiagnosed such as Autoimmune Hypothyroid. I try not to dwell but what if they had treated me in 2004. Would I now have thyroid damage?

I think my main issue right now is I have tremendous anxiety when I eat out now. I didnt worry about it before bc I was just gluten free but didnt know I was Celiac. Now I feel crippled with fears of cross contamination. Does anyone have any advice on this?


Gluten-Free Lunch at Darbster’s

On a Saturday afternoon, I was in downtown WPB – enjoy free yoga at city library, and free admission to the norton museum. I was getting hungry and have been wanting to check out Darbster  for lunch.

“Darbster is a unique vegetarian bistro with a creative menu that will appeal to both the vegetarian and mainstream dinner. Our goal is provide delicious, natural, organic and vegetarian friendly cuisine that will appeal to all tastes.”

Their specials change and it always seemed like they have a few gluten-free options on their menu.  The waiter was very helpful and checked with the chef to find out which ones were gluten-free.  I decided to try the Raw Heirloom Tomato & Zucchini Lasagna it was served with a yummy salad – it was cool, crisp, delicious and full of flavor! and all gluten-free! perfect for a warm june afternoon.  I normally don’t have room for dessert but with 4 delicious gluten-free choices that normally aren’t available to me I thought why not! I decided to go with the mango cheesecake! It was delicious and easily can be split with a friend. It had a delicious raspberry glazed that complemented it well.

I will definitely be back again. Make sure to like Darbster on facebook  I am a fan – LOL they taunt me daily with their specials! Here is a recent menu with their specials – NYC Vodka Pizza sounds great and count them 5 gfree desserts!!! I only wished I lived closer so I could visit more often. Maybe they need to open a 2nd location in Wellington.

They are also open for Dinner and Sunday Brunch. Thurs and Sunday Nights Kids eat free – and if you bring your dog 5-7 on Sunday bring you get 20 percent off your entree! good deals!

New sweet gluten-free find – Froyolicious frozen yogurt

I have been trying to be healthy since going gluten-free almost 2 months ago. I have lost 14 lbs! but I do get a sweet tooth craving! Not wanting to blow all my efforts of weightloss out the door – I was very happy to find Froyolicious in Royal Palm Beach.


It is self served frozen yogurt with a yummy toppings bar. I messaged Fro-yo (as i call it for short) via their facebook page

– and they were very quick on getting back to me what flavors were gluten-free

Gluten Free West Palm Beach Love Fro-yo – which flavors are gluten free? I figure flavors like cake batter, cookie and creams are not. what about you chocolate and vanilla? Thanks!

froyolicious The only current flavor as of today’s date that contains Gluten is cookies and cream (due to the use of real cookies).
Current Flavors – Thin Mint Cookie, and the rest is Pink Lemonade Sorbet, Blueberry Tart, Raspberry Tart, Red Velvet Cupcake, Sugar Free Vanilla, Dreamy Dark Chocolate, Cookie N Cream, Cake Batter, and Original Tart!!

Of course be careful in the toppings bar – there are some gluten ones in there – but plenty of gluten-free options like fresh fruit, m&ms, etc. they price it by weight.  very yummy! can’t wait to go back

New Green Restuarant with lots of gluten-free options opening in Delray!

I love to eat out (I am embracing eating in a little bit more) but still loving to eat out! Why cook when someone can do it for you! is my motto LOL! And so I am always looking for new places to try – and I am even happier when I see how many restaurants are coming up with gluten-free options for us.

I saw this new post on Jan Norris’s blog about a new green restaurant in Delray opening.
You can read her whole post here but here are some fact and highlights that got me salivating!

“DIG – it stands for “Doing It Green” – will be totally organic, from the food to the floors, he said. “We’re organic, not vegetarian, but there are a ton of options for vegans and vegetarians on the menu. And out of 40 dishes, I counted 27 gluten-free options.”

27 Gluten-free dishes!!! Love it! I cant imagine going somewhere and having 27 dishes to choose from!

“Several dishes have been especially created for the gluten-free and dairy-free diner. “I’ve figured out a way to make crab cakes dairy- and gluten-free – I’m using Veganaise as a binder. It’s oil processed at a low temperature and actually works much better than mayonnaise. There’s no crumb binder – we sear the cake at a high heat and it’s nothing but lump jumbo crab.”

There are a few things I miss since going gluten free and crab cakes is one of them!!! I love crab cakes!!! DIG opens June 17th just in time for my birthday – I think a crab cake dinner will be in order. When I go – I will make sure to give you a full report!


  • 5199 W. Atlantic Avenue, Delray Beach
  • 561-638-0500 (website to come)
  • Open daily beginning June 17.
  • Hours: 11 a.m.-11 p.m. Sunday-Thursday; to 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday.

Gluten-Free Cupcakes in Delray

Excited about a new gluten-free web find – and cant wait to go check it out in person.
In Delray, I found out there is a cupcake store that makes gluten-free cupcakes.

They don’t always have them but you can custom order them.
I am very excited I have a birthday coming up and a cupcake sounds yummy!

I sent them a facebook message on their page and they quickly responded

Gluten Free West Palm Beach So excited I found you on the web – I wanted to get some more info about your gluten-free cupcakes and treats – is that something you carry all the time – or is that a custom order product. Thanks! and cant wait to stop by!

Cupcake Couture Sweet Boutique They are special order with 48 hours notice. Please feel free to stop in, or call to get more information!!! We have had AMAZING feedback regarding our GF cupcakes, and hope you would agree!

I’ll post later and let you know how they are!