Gluten-Free Cooking Class at Whole Foods Recipes Attached

What a informative, educational and fun night I had last night at Whole Foods in Wellington. I signed up for their monthly Gluten-Free Cooking class in their lifestyle center. It was my first one, and I learned a lot from Chef Joe – who is extremely knowledgeable on all things gluten-free and cooking too! Check out my photos – Chef Joe gives you ample and generous samples of everything he made – and the photos from my iphone probably doesn’t do the food justice! it was so good and healthy!! AND GLUTEN-FREE

The Menu (which was on a handy take home sheet and I scanned it in here to share with you) was Eggplant-Garbanzo Bean Dip, Salmon with Parsley-Horseradish Crust, and a delicious Chocolate Mousse (which was surprisingly gluten, free, dairy-free, vegan, low sodium and high in fiber!

Before Chef Joe even started cooking – he gave some great information about being gluten-free, about the importance of labeling, 3rd party certification of Gluten-Free facilities. And just because something says wheat-free doesn’t mean that it is gluten-free. and the risk of cross-contamination in kitchens. Words I didn’t want to hear – since I love to eat out – and I realize that it is risk. He stressed that even though a restaurant has a gluten-free menu – doesn’t mean they aren’t gluten-free and that in a kitchen it is very easy for dust from flour to get spread around. A few more of Chef Joe’s cooking classes and maybe I will be happier eating in!

Check out the gallery for some photos of Chef Joe cooking. The lifestyle center is such a great place to host the event, plenty of seating and two monitors with cameras above the stove so you can see what Chef Joe is doing.

This was my first cooking class – but I will definitely go to the next one – Chef Joe says they are on the calendar monthly

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