Embracing Eating in

I will be the first to admit – I think food taste better when someone else makes it. I love to go out to eat! But going gluten-free makes eating out a little more difficult and maybe not as fun as it use to be. However, I feel so much better going gluten-free that I don’t miss the gluten anymore. Nor want to accidently eat it – don’t want to feel bad anymore.I am also embracing making food for myself and eating in. It is a lot easier knowing what is in my food since I am making it – to make sure I dont accidentally eat any gltuen. I am learning It can be just as good with a little effort! and in most cases healthier too!

Here are two meals from this weekend that I made with just a little work.

One was lunch yesterday, I had just bought some Boars Head (all their deli meat is gluten free) Low Sodium Golden Catering Style Turkey Breast from Publix. I made a very yummy sandwich with Toasted Udi’s Bread, instead of Mayo – I used Sambra’s Greek Olive Hummus, fresh lettuce and tomato. On the side are my new favorite chips Food Should Taste Good – Tortilla Chips – with a scoop of hummus to dip them in. Very yummy! and healthy (estimated calories for the whole lunch is 536)

The following evening – we were invited to a friends bbq. I knew they were grilling chicken, so I offered to make a Summer Salad – Some fresh spring greens, cut strawberries, blueberries, and feta cheese – and you have  delicious and sweet salad. And to top it off – I made my own glazed pecans, and used a yummy strawberry poppyseed dressing made by Maries (refrigerated produce section of your grocery store). This was perfect to bring with me, because I then knew I could have a salad with chicken breast on top. Luckily everything was gluten free at the bbq. (except for some cookies, which I didn’t eat) and the salad was a big hit.

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