Getting over the hump

Happy Hump Day!

What a challenging week – I accidentally glutened myself two days ago! and finally started to feel better today. What a difference when you start to feel better and then to feel bad again.

Check out this post from  @DailyDietribe about how to start a gluten free diet! Great info for a newbie like me!

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Tonight hubby said we are going out to eat – I think Outback.  So I will post how it goes and what options they have.

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  1. I would like to know how someone like yourself accidentally poisons oneself with gluten. I will be starting a blog soon about gluten free. My husband is gluten free and was born with it. I am curious.

    • Hi Debra
      Thanks for the question. I hardly every gluten myself at home. It is usually when I eat out. And I chalk it up to the risk of dining out. But usually before I go out I research the best I can via the Internet on what is safe. Two days ago I have been missing sweet stuff and got a steak n shake milkshake. Online it says gluten free. My stomach disagrees. Within an hour I was quite sick and in digestive distress quite nausea too. My stomach aches continued for another day. Not Fun. I won’t eat that again. I have had really good lucky with Wendy frostys I like the twisted one with m&m s. Good luck with your blog and send me a link! Thanks

  2. Thanks for the link! Isn’t that the worst when you get glutened and you know it’s going to take a couple of days to feel better? Such a risk when eating out, but sometimes it’s so nice to have someone else bring you food!

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