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Gluten free Mac and cheese

Just read on twitter that darbster’s is going to have gluten free and soy free Mac and cheese – starting next week! Can’t wait to try it.


Peeps are gluten free!

I don’t really celebrate Easter but I LOVE Easter candy. My favorites are peeps and I love it when the package has been open and they are a little stale. Well I picked up a package at the store and right on the back says GLUTEN FREE! Yum! Still working on finding out if my other favorite candy -cadbury eggs are gluten free. I’ll report back. But if I had to guess I am going to say no. Happy Easter!


Bru’s Room Gluten-Free Menu

Yeah Bru’s Room! One of the best places for wings! I love their grilled chicken wings during football season. I was really delighted when I went on their website to place a to-go order and found they have their own gluten-free menu. 

They have a lot of good choices on there (besides yummy chicken wings – i was worried maybe the sauce they use wasnt gluten free) They have quite a few entrees, salads and sides to choose from.

Another restaurant that I get to keep in the rotation and not eliminate. I go to the one in Royal Palm Beach on Southern Blvd. But they are a chain that is all around south Florida.

From the Bru’s Room website.

At Bru’s we understand that many of our guests have special dietary restrictions including the need for a Gluten Free Menu. While we already offer a selection of menu items that qualify as gluten free, we are working on enhancing this menu for your further enjoyment. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to speak with a manager at any of our locations.

Also has a disclaimer that they cant guarantee cross-contamination due to normal kitchen operations

Newbie in a gluten-free world

I am going to try out going gluten-free. At first I thought this was going to be an easy journey. Just don’t eat bread, cake, and cookies! Right? how hard can that be? Wow! who knew all these products that have hidden gluten in them. I think at home will be very easy to do. Eating out is going to be the challenge.

I live in the West Palm Beach area. So far, chain restaurants seem to have information published if they are gluten free. But what options are out there for me? I have found that this change in lifestyle (I dare not say diet, bc I dont feel it is a diet, it is a lifestyle change) is heavy in the research department. So I started this blog to document all the great information I find along the way. I am by no means an expert. I am a complete newbie, but I hope as time goes along, I can become knowledgeable and help other West Palm Beachers to become gluten-free too!

Please leave me feedback – let me know what you have found gluten-free in West Palm Beach!Feel free to contact me with product/restaurant suggestions to review at